Carole was born on Galveston Island, Texas in 1957. Her father was an Air Force veteran and her childhood years were spent traveling around the world with her parents and four younger brothers. She has three children. A son born in 1980, a daughter born 1985 and an adopted son born in 2013, She has 10 grandchildren.

Healing with Sleep Hypnosis

hypnotized Womam

Hypnosis – Facts and Myths What is Sleep Hypnosis How Does Hypnosis Work One of the most frequent questions I am asked concerning healing with sleep hypnosis is what is sleep hypnosis anyway? The answer is a little bit involved because in order to understand how it works you need an understanding of what it is. I initially learned about sleep hypnosis by researching online and the best resources available are anything written by a hypnotherapist in addition to hypnotherapy websites.  Without actually participating in various guided meditation and hypnosis sessions and entering the trance-state, though, it was difficult to fully

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