Cognitive Brain Therapy | Benefits of Meditation on the Brain

Meditation Alters Cognitive Brain Function/ Benefits of Meditation on the Brain The most universal forms of meditation evolved from the spiritual cultures of Hinduism and Buddhism which can be traced to around 1500 BCE. Over the course of time, meditation practices and techniques have been interpreted by the cultures in which they were introduced. There exists a great diversity of technique but the results of meaningful meditation, in every form, maintain a common denominator. The advancement of medicine has allowed researchers to study the benefits of meditation in the brain as never before, and the scientific evidence is overwhelmingly evident

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Introduction to Healing with Meditation


Prehistoric Roots Meditation has been practiced since as early as 1500 BC. If you are curious about the origins and evolution of meditation and how it relates to modern techniques and teachings, the source material is voluminous. Each method of meditation has its own ancestry. Each form or technique has developed over 4500 years of cultural and religious influence. For people like myself who had heard of meditation and yoga but never learned much, or, technically for beginners, “Meditation” is a catch-all term encompassing forms of self-discipline techniques designed to gain insight into love through self-knowledge and the human

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